NoKantDo is a network of individual freelancers who want to experience collaboration through solid human connection and clever utilization of modern technology. Your envisioned involvement is to focus on internal projects where we compensate you based on your hourly rate. The collaboration will be project based as well as ongoing improvements of existing structures, between 2-16 hours a month.

What is a WordPress Artist? We believe it could be an individual who is proficient in the craftsmanship of WordPress methodology and connects this knowledge with her or his perception of the world and desire to inspire, evoke thought and assisting others to raise their capabilities.
If you are a passionate WordPress coder who loves to argue with conventional artists that your skill has comparable qualities, then we would love to get in touch with you. Can it excite you to be responsible for bringing ideas of our team to life? We recently launched our website and would now love to transform the blueprint into a more interactive and more dynamic organism . Your primary focus would be to embellish the existing site. Particular emphasis is given to adaptive design. Once completed, the network would like to move on and enhance the site with elements such as interactive blogs and multimedia presentations.  You should thrive in a structure where you receive visual guidance to lay out your technical framework. You possess prevision qualities with regards to growth potential and implementation of scalable approaches. You enjoy being unconventional and it stimulates you to find answers to the questions you receive.


  • Will be our website
  • Creation of libraries and blogs
  • Integration of multimedia content
  • Enabling interactive commenting functionality


  • It does not matter if you previously used this skill commercially or just for private fun.
  • WordPress is the instrument that you feel passionate about and you push its possibilities
  • The sounds of WordPress themes and plugins are very familiar to you
  • You observe modern front-end technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
  • You are skilled in building user interfaces for websites and/or web applications
  • You have experience in designing and developing responsive design websites
  • You know how to create a visual symphony across different browsers
  • Your CSS writing is elegant and simple
  • You master the art of converting comps and wireframes into functional pages